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Episode 16 - Community Outreach

June 14, 2023 National Exchange Club Season 1 Episode 16
Talk Exchange
Episode 16 - Community Outreach
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Today is a really great episode because we have local celebrity Tom Cole with us!  As a tenured host on BCSN plus many years of coaching and teaching, Tom engages in an awesome discussion with Tracey and Kristie about the importance and practice of community outreach.  

There were a lot of truly great takeaways from today's episode, but here are a few of my favorites:

  • Do Good and Be Good
  • Kids and employees alike have to know you care, then they will do anything for you
  • Lead by example and others will follow

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Thanks for listening! See you next time!

Tom's Career History
Getting Into Community Outreach with Taylor Automotive
How To Get Into Community Outreach
Caring is Most Important
Paying it Forward
Do Good and Be Good