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Episode 22 - The Tater Tot King

August 16, 2023 National Exchange Club Season 1 Episode 22
Talk Exchange
Episode 22 - The Tater Tot King
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Welcome to what is quite possibly our most interesting episode of the season.  We have an interview with Les Grigg, an Exchange member AND the true-to-life Tater Tot King! 

The delicious food we all know and love, the tater tot, was invented by Les's father and uncle back in the 1950's.  Today Les is working to restore the family legacy and do some good for the community while doing it. 

It's a fascinating episode as Tracey and Kristie interview Mr. Grigg to learn all about his new mission in life and the true history of the tater tot.

If you want to get in touch with Les, email him at:


As always, if you want to enjoy today's episode visually, click the link below:

Thanks for listening! See you next time!

About Les Grigg
History of the Tater Tot
The Legacy
The Phone Call from CBS News
How It All Started in the 1940s
Bringing Back the Family Name
Vision for the Future and Helping the Community
How to Help
Where the Name Tater Tot Comes From